Welcome to my corner of the web! šŸ‘‹ Iā€™m Filip (FiB) Bostik, a passionate Salesforce Marketing Cloud enthusiast and open-source developer. My journey in the SFMC world led me to create couple of handy tools:

šŸš€ SSJS Manager: Your SFMC IDE companion in Visual Studio Code. Connect, develop, and iterate rapidly, making your SFMC coding experience a breeze.

āœØ AMPscript Beautifier: Format your AMPscript code effortlessly within VSCode. Because clean code is a happy code!

Stay tuned for occasional blog posts where I share insights, tips, and maybe a bit of behind-the-scenes magic. Excited to connect, collaborate, and make SFMC development even more enjoyable!

āœØšŸŒ #Salesforce #MarketingCloud #VisualStudioCode #SSJS #ampscript