How do I install the extension?

The extension is available in the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. You can install it by searching for “SSJS Manager” in the Extensions view (Ctrl+Shift+X).

How to report bugs or ask for new features?

You can report bugs or ask for new features on the GitHub repository. You can also contact me on LinkedIn.

Is this extension free?

Yes, the extension is free and open-source. Options for sponsors are coming soon.

Is it secure?

The extension uses the official Salesforce Marketing Cloud API to communicate with the Marketing Cloud. It is recommended to use your own Installed Package for increased security. The extension also offers the possibility to secure your development environment (Cloud Pages) with token authentication or basic auth with no extra effort.

Can I use it with multiple Business Units?

Yes, but at the moment, you need to have multiple VSCode projects. The extension will support multiple Business Units in a single project in the future.

Can I use it with multi-page forms?

Yes, you can use it with multi-page forms. Article on this coming soon!

Does it support AMPscript?

Yes, the extension supports AMPscript. It offers debugging, syntax highlighting and formatting for AMPscript. Code snippets are coming soon!

Does this extension collect any data?

Yes, the extension collects telemetry data to help us better understand how you use the extension and fix any bugs as soon as possible. This will allow us to provide faster and better support. Your privacy is our priority - no personal, script nor SFMC instance data is collected. You can opt-out in VSCode settings, but leaving it on would greatly assist us in enhancing the extension. You can check out our GitHub repository to see what data is being collected.